We design and manufacturer OEM electronics products from prototype to volume production. We also help OEMs transition to cloud and utilize mobile, web, AI, analytics, and IoT.

Our Story

We became friends working together at Microsoft in 2007. Our passion to innovate with software for electronics and hardware brought us together on a common mission to shake things up in the electronics industry. Today, with years of experience from our family businesses, we are vertically integrated for PCB and hardware design, prototyping, contract manufacturing, and EMS to software, Apps, and cloud services.


We see industrial and non-consumer electronics products evolve with integrated software, data intelligence, sensors, and cloud services benefiting all businesses and societies.


Deliver the best quality and experience of an ODM to non-consumer electronics OEMs in design, manufacturing, and combining software services to their products.


We provide unmatched value to bring significant competitive advantage to OEMs.
  • Customer Focus: We drive new experiences across hardware, firmware, software, and apps.
  • Innovation: We continuously innovation for OEMs to realize profitable growth.
  • Value Focused: We take sole accountability and increase efficiency for our customers.
  • Strategic China Alternative: We are based in USA with manufacturing in India. Our customers protect their Intellectual Property (IP) while saving on China tariffs.