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The Future of Products is AIoT.

The world is witnessing unprecedented information and data explosion. Businesses must innovate at an incredible pace to stay ahead. However, very few have the resources and expertise to do everything.

We help you accelerate with AI and IoT, and be successful in your journey to digital.

Re-imagine your product and services’ experiences in a world of digital and IoT.
Zapario’s edge to cloud and managed cloud services with AI and mobile capabilities deliver cutting-edge solutions in mobile health for patient experience, mobile commerce, smart retail, ODM for Electronics, and more.

Solutions We Deliver​

Zapario delivers digital transformation solutions in IoT, Healthcare, Mobile Commerce, Smart Retail, and acts as an ODM for electronics OEMs. 

With deep expertise in cloud computing and edge computing, mobile, analytics, artificial intelligence, electronics engineering design, and electronics manufacturing, we are your single accountability partner, working as an extension of your team to reimagine and deliver end-to-end digital products and services.

Zapario engages OEMs on digital strategy, envisioning, planning and design, prototyping, manufacturing, and launching your IoT products and services. OEMs leverage our IP and expertise to accelerate their transformation. To ensure success, we remain engaged from concept to launch, rollout, and successful customer adoption.

IoT Solution for OEMs
Zapario Edge to Cloud

Zapario’s edge to cloud IoT platform and services enables OEMs to Connect Anything, Monitor Anything, Track Anything.

OEM branded managed IoT as a service that comprises deploying and managing all types of edge devices, managed cloud platform with AI and analytics, and mobile apps for interactive user experiences.

Our IoT solution lights up new use cases and revenue for OEMs.

End-to-End ODM Solution for Electronics OEMs

Zapario’s streamlines electronics engineering design to electronics manufacturing including supply chain management with a single point of accountability.

We manage design projects from concept through prototyping, manufacturing, and final inspection to deliver production volumes at scale. We help OEMs innovate by optimizing hardware, firmware, system software, and application software.

Increase efficiency, minimize redundancy, and eliminate the unnecessary overhead of managing multiple suppliers,.

Seeking a viable alternative to China? We can help.

Our Services Capabilities Across
Electronics Engineering Design, Hardware, Software,
and Manufacturing

Engineering Design
Software Services
EMS (Manufacturing)

Electronics Engineering Design

Leverage our decades of experience in electronics engineering design and embedded software projects through its entire lifecycle.


We focus on fast entry to market, shorter design cycles, optimized cost, and high-quality, resilient board designs that electronics OEMs can scale quickly.


We advise in making the optimal silicon platform choice based on end-product specifications and market needs. Turn to us for firmware development for your semiconductor platform.


Zapario delivers high-performance PCB physical design (layout) utilizing all widely used industry software.

Do more with Software.
Cloud and Edge, AI and Analytics.

Level-Up Your Product

And your entire business model with advanced software services. Imagine the possibilities of delivering incredible new customer experiences built on AI and analytics in the cloud and at the edge..

Elevate Functionality

And usage with IoT devices and sensors, equipment, and data at the core. Automate and simplify tedious tasks and leverage edge and cloud-connected work-loads to increase productivity and free up valuable resources.

Your Best Value EMS.

Streamline design-to-manufacturing, integrate supply chain, and work with a single EMS partner to build, and ship electronics products world-wide. We provide a viable alternative to PCBA or contract manufacturing your electronics product in China.

On-demand Capacity

Our Manufacturing as a Service “MaaS” gives OEMs on-demand scaling without the need to plan and manage factory capacity.

Unparalleled Flexibility at Optimal Cost

Get top quality, reliable and predictable delivery times, raw material inventory planning and management, component end of life management, and finished goods inventory at optimal cost resulting in best-in-class value. Ask us about IoT manufacturing.

Your Competitive Advantage

Zapario delivers innovative IoT, Smart Retail, and ODM for Electronics solutions to OEMs by leveraging a tailored combination of all our services capabilities of engineering design, software, and manufacturing. Our expertise and services capabilities enable a market advantage of consistent and cost effective outcomes for electronics OEMs and semiconductor companies.

We  will hit the ground running to engage as an extension of your team. Zapario will do what it takes to make you successful.

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Zapario is guided by a core principle of customers for life. We are always customer focused, anticipating your business needs, being responsive, and delivering above and beyond to keep delighting our customers.

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