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Zapario delivers a range of intelligent edge and intelligent cloud software and services to start-ups, small and medium businesses (SMBs), and large enterprises.

Whether your goal is to bring about digital transformation with IoT intelligent cloud, improve customer experience, or to identify the future needs of your business with the power of artificial intelligence, you will find the solutions and expertise in Zapario as a trusted software and solutions development partner every step of the way. Read More …

Orchestrate process changes through IoT edge, aligned with work-flow improvements and automation. Never miss new opportunities in a fast-changing technology world.

With powerful new technologies connected to the digital world, managed cloud services implemented in Microsoft Azure, or Amazon AWS, we enable your product transformation and uplift your business to cloud hyperscale.

Why Us

We have decades of experience in electronics and semiconductor industry and have been a part of cloud computing since it’s infancy.

We have a multidisciplinary approach in utilizing cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, automation, and analytics to make your businesses successful.

What We Offer

Edge Analytics and AI

Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence is a Winning, Unbeatable Combination

Edge computing brings data capture, analysis, and processing, to the edge of the network, enabling AI algorithms to utilize that data generated locally by the smart device. These algorithms make smart independent decisions in no time without the need to connect to the internet or the cloud. Edge analytics and AI has endless use cases without any limits. Edge AI applications vary by industry and across consumer, industrial, and commercial. For example devices, smart gadgets, production lines, logistics, smart buildings, and smart cities.

Through Artificial Intelligence, we help our customers create intelligent processes. We embed AI into their product and business processes to automate decision making. We produce models needed to detect deviations and defects, predict trends, assess risks, and optimize and simulate using advanced analytics techniques such as machine learning.

We help utilize real-time, relevant data and reap the benefits of machine learning. Be it for image, video, text, sensor fusion, or machine learning, Zapario drives analytics performed at the edge.

App Development

Design events-driven, auto-scaling IoT Applications.
Ensure your business success and longevity.

Zapario IoT software center of excellence builds software to transform your products and business using the latest enterprise, mobile, and cloud technologies. By putting to work our wide experience, knowledge of vertical markets, and depth in technology we enable real-time and on-the-go access to data generated by smart devices, provide remote controls, and management for IoT solutions.

Our development service spans mobile and web making trade-offs between cross-platform and hybrid apps targeting multiple platforms for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms while reusing the same code-base.

Have app fatigue? Ask us about app-less mobile experiences.

Want to Transform Your Product?
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