Full box build, end-to-end electronics


We serve many industries with end-to-end electronics contract manufacturing services, full box build or full system build, electronics system integration of subsystems, and system-level assemblies.

We integrate supply chain management and leverage our synergistic engineering design and software business, to act as an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) for Electronics OEMs in North America and Europe.

With metal fabrication, injection molded plastics, 3D printing, cable assembly and wire harness we provide total electronics contract manufacturing to Electronics OEM. With our PCBA and all necessary electro-mechanical assembly elements, we deliver full system build or box build of an OEM product.

Why Us for ECM

In today’s competitive business, productivity and cost are top priorities. OEMs need to operate at the optimal cost and capitalize on their core competencies to differentiate.

Design for Excellence (DfX)

With a view to continuous improvement of the OEM product, our team of experts undertake DfX review of the product for:

Design for Procurability
Design for Manufacturability
Design for Serviceability
Design for Testability

Testing and Test System Development

We perform functional testing, inspections, utilize x-ray, ultraviolet, and other accepted methods to ensure designated test points are covered and thoroughly documented in manufacturing. We develop custom testing solutions tailored to the OEM design or their proprietary testing methodology

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Electronics OEM and semiconductor companies trust us to perform comprehensive quality control at the subsystem assembly, integrated system, and finished product levels, meeting stringent technical specifications and industry standards to manufacture and test the finished products.

Regulatory Compliance and Approvals

We help OEMs obtain their product's compliance and approvals with CE and UL markings. Additionally, clinical trials and FDA approval is available for medical devices.

Industry Leading Warranty

We stand behind our manufacturing. Our standard warranty is industry leading with two years on workmanship. As an option, we also extend warranty by three additional years.

Finished Goods Inventory. Fulfillment

We build, configure, and maintain finished goods inventory (FGI) based on OEM forecast. Zapario fulfills orders by drop shipping door-to-door to designated end-points globally.

Electronics Contract Manufacturing
Technical Capabilities

We Deliver Full Electronics Product Build Services

OEMs off-load the burden of non-core areas of their business to Zapario. From mechanical, electro-mechanical, metal, plastics, 3D printing, and cable assembly and wire harnesses, OEMs count on us for manufacturing of their end products.

Metal Fabrication

Molded Plastics

3D Printing

Cable Assembly and Wire Harnesses

Managing Multiple Vendors?
Let Zapario Full Box Build with Single Accountability Help Your Business.

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