Zapario Edge-to-Cloud IoT platform and IoT services.

With the Zapario IoT solution, we help OEMs with the digital transformation of their products, and to deliver commercial and industrial IoT experiences to their end customers quickly, reliably, and cost effectively.

The Zapario Edge-to-Cloud IoT solution

Addresses these typical elements that make up a smart and connected IoT solution.

Zapario delivers an Edge-to-Cloud IoT solution.

Our IoT solution delivers a unique value proposition for OEM customers.

Customer Experience

Empowers you to focus on delivering incredible new customer experiences rather than the technology.

Risk and Cost

Reduce your risk and cost of delivering digital experiences by leveraging our IoT cloud platform as a service.

Pricing Structure

Bring predictability to your business by leveraging our simple, predictable, and scalable pricing structure.

Velocity to Market

Speed up time to market for your smart and connected products. We provide an OEM branded solution with assets, dashboards, and apps.

Light Up IoT Use Cases

Enable many new IoT use cases by effectively and efficiently collect and analyze data from connected products, turning it into actionable insights.

Peace of Mind

Our IoT solution spans engineering design for the edge devices, managed IoT Cloud, and apps; all with single accountability.

IoT Use Cases

In the digital era, many OEM products will be software-based, bringing the digital and physical worlds together. Smart and connected IoT products, enabled by Zapario on cloud, edge, app, and hardware technologies light up many new use cases for OEMs.

IoT Cloud

IoT cloud is a part of the Zapario edge-to-cloud IoT solution. Zapario IoT cloud is built and operated on the public cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, for every type of smart and connected OEM digital product. Take advantage of our IoT cloud to accelerate your own OEM success with smart and connected products. IoT as a service provides peace of mind for the OEM.

IoT Edge

IoT edge is a part of the Zapario edge-to-cloud IoT solution. It is a set of smart and connected OEM products (devices and equipment i.e., assets) that gather data or perform some function at the edge of the network.  Zapario has a full set of capabilities for the edge including hardware design services, software including edge AI and analytics, and apps running on edge devices.

Zapario provides OEMs with an end-to-end IoT solution featuring a flexible, tailored, and scalable business model.
IoT as a Service.

IoT Development Services

Fixed cost or time-and-materials pricing model for engineering design and software development for secure-by-default IoT edge devices, cloud services with artificial intelligence (AI), and mobile and web apps.

IoT Operations Platform Subscription

Subscription model for the Zapario connected platform that operates your IoT as a service as a fully managed service. Covers the edge devices and cloud services, apps, and system users with a simple and cost-effective way for the OEM to scale up.

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