Smart device
security for a data-driven business

Our solutions and engineering services provide OEMs with peace of mind in adopting new digital service-oriented business models with the right levels of security at the core.

The use of multiple protection layers such as firewalls, authentication, authorization, encryption, security protocols and intrusion detection, and intrusion prevention systems are established enterprise security principles. However, most embedded devices lack firewalls and rely on simple password authentication and security protocols. The assumption that small foot-print embedded devices are not attractive targets for hackers makes them vulnerable to malicious attacks with inadequate device-level protection.

Enterprises have focused on cybersecurity for decades. But, with the proliferation of billions of IoT and connected devices ranging from smart speakers, cameras, video doorbells, smart appliances, thermostats, garage doors, connected cars, commercial products, and industrial devices and sensors, securing embedded devices is getting all the attention.

Is Your Device Security Trailing?
Make Security Integral From Start.

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