Transform electronics
design with data
and analytics

Leverage our decades of experience in electronics engineering design and embedded software projects through their entire lifecycle. We focus on fast entry to market, shorter design cycles, optimized cost, and high-quality, resilient product and board designs that electronics OEMs can scale quickly.

What We Offer

Hardware Design

Working across all product development phases from concept stage to production, our electronics design engineers perform systems design, schematic design, PCB layout, modeling, simulation, verification, test, integration, and hand-off to manufacturing.

Zapario has decades of experience in electronics hardware design for industrial and commercial such as medical, automation, smart cities, power, renewables, instrumentation, transportation, IoT, wearable electronics, and more.

Embedded Software

Zapario firmware and embedded software engineers have expertise in all industry-standard semiconductor platforms from ST Microelectronics, Texas Instruments, Microchip, Atmel, NXP, Nordic, and ESP32 and have experience in cloud integration platforms, including Amazon, Google, and Microsoft cognitive services.

We develop firmware, Board Support Package (BSP), and embedded software work on industry-leading Artificial Intelligence projects using machine learning, computer vision, and image recognition libraries.

Why Us

We provde a strategic advantage to Electronics OEMs and Semiconductor Companies

Accelerate Product Launch

Starting from the concept-stage, as an extension of your core team, we work on all aspects from hardware design, electronics engineering, firmware, and embedded software to accelerate your product launch.

Gain Time-to-Market Advantage

Offload a range of work streams in electronics engineering design, prototype builds, integrated supply chain, and manufacturing. We increase your efficiency, and provide you a time-to-market advantage.

Rapidly Transfer Prototype to Production

The same highly skilled team of electronics engineers tightly coordinate and collaborate with the factory. We perform thorough knowledge transfer critical to manufacturing to quickly move prototypes to production.

Eliminate Overhead and Reduce Cost

Without the unnecessary overhead of managing multiple suppliers, you reduce your overall cost across design, build, and manufacturing of your electronics product.

Minimize Product Risk, Offload Non-Core Tasks

Streamline electronics engineering design to manufacturing. With high efficiency, minimal redundancy, and seamless hand-off from design to production, we minimize your product risk, take the burden of non-core areas off your shoulder, and allow you to focus on your core business.

Harvest Data and Run Analytics

Generate new revenue streams with AI, intelligent cloud, and apps. Analyze critical data, provide alerts and intelligence, control and manage actions with automated services running on your electronics products. Your customers get more from your electronics products.

Need Engineering Help?
We Help Shorten Design Cycles and Achieve Faster Market Entry.

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