Bring your ideas to life in stunning ways.

Streamline electronics design-to-manufacturing and supply chain with a single point of accountability.
Drive new revenue from your electronics product with AI, intelligent cloud services, and Apps.

Market advantage for Electronics OEMs and Semiconductor Companies

Transition time
New Revenue

Accelerate product launch

Increase efficiency, minimize redundancy, and eliminate unnecessary overhead of managing multiple suppliers, all starting from the concept-stage to market entry.

Rapidly transfer prototype to production

Streamline hardware design, engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, firmware, and software with same team members performing seamless handoff.

Harvest Data and Analytics

Create new services running on your electronics products with data intelligence and analytics.

Best value ODM for Industrial, Automation, Instrumentation, Power/Renewables, Transportation, Smart Metering, IoT, and Industry 4.0

On-demand Capacity

Our ODM and Manufacturing as a Service “MaaS” gives OEMs on-demand scaling without the need to plan and manage factory capacity.

Unparalleled Flexibility at Optimal Cost

Get top quality, reliable and predictable delivery times, inventory planning, and component end of life management at optimal cost resulting in best-in-class value.

New Business with Digital Revenue

Grow Business with Digital

Create a winning digital strategy to drive new revenue from your products with AI, cloud services and Apps.

Automate with IoT and Sensors

Reimagine your electronics products performance and maintenance by harnessing the power of IoT and sensors.

Problems We Solve

Electronics & High-Tech OEM and Semiconductor customers
face several business challenges and situations.

Having multiple suppliers for design, hardware, and software is time consuming, complex, expensive, and risky.

By having us as a single entity accountable for engineering, software, and production, OEMs reduce risk, protect Intellectual Property (IP) and meet product time-to-market requirements.

To meet growth and profit targets, OEMs must deliver better quality at faster speeds.

The benefit of integrated supply chain with flexible manufacturing capacity at an optimal price gives OEMs a significant competitive advantage to focus more on their core business while improving efficiency and people productivity.

Rapidly changing technology, fierce competition, high customer expectations, and dynamic market conditions, demand new avenues for success.

Take advantages of industry megatrends in AI, cloud, apps, IoT, and analytics. Let us be a strategic asset and your distinct competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace.