Cloud Lights Up New IoT Experiences for OEM Products

The IoT cloud platform collects and stores the data from your connected IoT devices, features processing software services and artificial intelligence to turn data into actionable insights. These insights then drive actions in the form of alerts and notifications, and remote control of devices and equipment.

Zapario Enables OEMs to Deliver New IoT Experiences

Zapario combines the virtually limitless computing power and intelligence of the cloud with smart, connected, and perceptive assets at the edge of the network to enable OEMs to deliver immersive and impactful IoT experiences to their end customers.

Accelerate the OEM Journey to IoT in the Cloud

Our intelligent cloud is an off-the-shelf IoT connected cloud platform that allows you to accelerate your smart and connected products. Rather than building your own IoT cloud platform from scratch, OEMs can take your digital product concept to reality in just a few weeks by taking advantage of Zapario’s multi-tenant IoT cloud.

Zapario Managed IoT Cloud

OEMs will be able to take advantage of our IoT cloud as a service that will take care of the scale, security, and management of your IoT applications and services, and edge assets. Zapario provides you with multi-tenant IoT cloud with artificial intelligence and analytics.

Features for the Zapario IoT Cloud

With its core components built on Azure and AWS cloud services, the Zapario IoT Cloud delivers a secure, reliable, and scalable managed IoT cloud as a service:

Secure: Complete customer data separation. device to cloud encryption, authorization, and authentication.

Reliable: Multiple data centers per region for redundancy. Functions for monitoring, backup, and restore. Leverages high availability AWS and Azure clouds.

Scalable: Auto scaling “serverless” technologies. Leverages scalable global AWS and Azure cloud infrastructure.

Our Managed Cloud is Growing.
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