Make supply chain strategic. Work with a partner who provides
single accountability.

Zapario manages the entire electronics supply chain for OEM products. From vendor identification and management, vendor negotiation, component sourcing, procurement, logistics, and warehousing. We manage your raw material inventory to your forecast.

We build, configure, and maintain OEM finished goods SKU depending on annual forecast and demand. Zapario fulfills orders directly by drop shipping to OEM designated locations. We provide fast and flexible door-to-door delivery to OEM’s end customer location anywhere in the world.

Why Us

Zapario Benefits Electronics OEMs

We handle non-core areas of your business so that you can focus on the things that matter the most and that you do best. Your supply chain is in safe hands with our experienced team.

Off-Load Supply Chain

Focus your precious resources on product and customer experience instead of supply chain and manufacturing.

Single Accountability Supplier

As your single accountability supplier we take responsibility for your electronics supply chain and electronics manufacturing.​

Optimize Cost

Work with a US partner, yet optimize your cost with the benefits of operations in a low-cost region.​

Zapario's Supply Chain Capabilities

Sourcing Stretched Thin?
Off Load Supply Chain to Us.

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