Our Capabilities

Leveraging decades of experience, we manage electronics hardware and
software projects through its entire lifecycle from design through prototype and manufacturing.

Hardware Design, Prototyping, and EMS

We manage design projects from concept through prototyping, manufacturing, and final inspection to deliver production volumes at scale. We help OEMs innovate by optimizing hardware, firmware, system software and application software.

Firmware Development

We advise in making the optimal silicon platform choice based on end-product specifications and market needs. Turn to us for firmware development for your semiconductor platform.

PCB Design and Fabrication

We perform high-performance PCB physical design (layout) utilizing all widely used industry software. Our capabilities encompass the full design flow including schematic capture, library development, data base construction and verification, signal integrity, EMI checking and Verification, Thermal and Reliability Analysis. Our ISO 9001 certified factory fabricates single-sided, double-sided, multi-layer, metal-clad, and other specialty PCBs for prototype and production volumes.

PCB Assembly and Electro-Mechanical Assembly

Our ISO 9001 certified PCB Assembly and manufacturing offers ROHS and non-ROHs, turnkey, kitting, or hybrid solution for surface mount and through hole assemblies conforming to IPC-610F standard. Our factory is fully ESD compliant with temperature and humidity controlled SMT unit. We also provide simple to complex electro-mechanical assemblies and build, test, and integrate a wide variety of cable and wire harness assemblies.

Conformal Coating

We offer a full conformal coating solution and inspection as per OEM needs and industry standards to protect PCB Assemblies against moisture, dust, chemicals, and temperature extremes. We adopt diverse coating methods of brushing, spraying, and dipping. We also offer a choice of materials depending upon OEM requirements.

Electronics Manufacturing and Electro-Mechanical Assembly

Depending on best fit for OEM needs, we provide reliable, timely, and world class quality Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) and Contract Manufacturing Services (CMS) at optimal cost.

  • Electronics Manufacturing Services “EMS”: Comprising bare PCB, PCB assembly, rigorous quality control and reporting, and the logistics to deliver globally.
  • Electronics System Integration “SI”: Experienced in the manufacturing of high-quality, high-reliability subsystem and system-level assemblies.
  • Electronics Contract Manufacturing “CMS” / Box Build: Builds on our baseline EMS and System Integration, and layers on our electro-mechanical integration, metal fabrication and precision machining, and cable and wire harness to provide total contract manufacture products delivered to OEM specified location globally.

Quality Assurance / Quality Control

OEM and semiconductor customers trust us to perform comprehensive, integrated, and cost-effective quality control at the subsystem assembly, integrated system, and finished product levels meeting stringent technical specifications and industry standards. We perform functional testing, inspections, x-ray, ultraviolet and utilize other accepted methods to ensure designated test points are covered and documented.

Supply Chain, Fulfillment, & End of Life “EOL” Services

We manage the entire supply chain for OEM products from component sourcing, vendor negotiation, purchasing, logistics, and inventory management. We smooth out the long lead times from component distributors to meet OEM product delivery timelines.
We also build, configure, and maintain OEM finished goods SKU depending on annual forecast and demand. We then fulfill orders directly by drop shipping to OEM designated locations. We also provide fast and flexible delivery to OEM’s end-customer location anywhere in the world.


We manage the lifecycle of OEM engagement using industry standard methodology, project management, and change management to deliver successful outcomes. Our phased approach allows us to take the best path forward suitable to OEM business needs and timelines. Our deep expertise is in non-consumer electronics industry.

  • Engage with us in an envisioning session for a new or existing design
  • Analyze requirements and identify solutions
  • Deliver iterative prototypes and transition to production

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Change Management

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